Soccer Players with Headbands

Soccer is a popular sport around the planet, but also a dangerous one for some. It has been one of the biggest causes of concussions related to sports, for both men and women soccer players. How do these concussions mostly occur?

Well, they are usually a result of head to head collisions or the head crashing with any other body part. They can also happen through falling with the head hitting the ground or the unexpected hitting of the ball on the head. Hence, to protect the players from concussion, soccer headbands have been gaining popularity in the last decades. 

Have you ever wondered who initiated such a trend of headbands in the games of soccer or where does all these names like ‘Ronaldinho Headband’ come from? Do you wonder why headbands are a thing even in the world of today and how has it evolved between leagues?

We are here to spill the beans. Some of the players we highlight hear are also fashion icons today, but even during their times in the field as a soccer player, they have highlighted the use of headbands, making it a sought after accessory even today.

Why are football headgears increasingly popular today?

Besides keeping the hair out of the line of sight or face, many soccer players wear headbands for style purposes as well, or just as a headgear to keep the hair away from their faces, avoiding any distraction during the game.

In the past, soccer players who had sort of a wild hairstyle decide to wear headbands in order to ensure increased functionality during the game of soccer. 

Recently, headbands are being available in different colours, sizes and comprises of different materials. This is because today it is a fashion gear as well. This is especially because many big names in the world of soccer have worn them or wear them today. The headband also helps to hence mark the distinct ages of football.

Who wears the headgears during the soccer games?

Let us take a look at some of the eminent soccer players who wear their classic headband during the soccer matches. Each player might have their own reasons, and it is useful to understand their purpose of the headband before deciding to also take up the habit.

Alex Morgan

The star soccer player, Alex Morgen, from the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, does not forget to wear the pink headband in all the soccer games. If you are struggling to remember who she is, let us help you out.

Try to recall the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. Do you remember the USA team beating the team from Thailand by 13 goals? Alex Morgan was the star who scores 5 of these goals. She is also an Olympic player. 

Now, why does the player wear a pink headband? It does not match the uniforms or jerseys of her team. Hence, you may wonder, why the same specific headband.

Well, according to the reports of PopSugar, the star player has been holding on to the habit of wearing this specific hair accessory from her college life at the University of California, Berkeley, where she also met her fellow soccer player, Servando Carrasco, later becoming her husband. 

As per the Major League Soccer (MLS) website, the mother of Carrasco was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time around the same time. She has survived both the times cancer attacked her.

In order to show support and love to her mother-in-law, Alex Morgan has been wearing the headband in the colour of pink, a colour which corresponds to that of the breast cancer awareness.

Her headband is also very special. It is not one of the common elastic bands that many players wear to keep the hair out of their ways. Morgan’s headband is made of the athletic tape. This sticky material does the job of a skinny headband pretty well.

David Beckham

Soccer Players with Headbands

In all honesty, headbands have become a symbol of style and unrestrained masculinity for many after David Beckham started taking it up in the early 2000s. Prior to that, it was often just regarded as a female hair gear.

This was the phase right after he had gone bald and prior to his so-called Mohawk days. The star debuted the headband, not really on the sports grounds but merely on the streets in 2002. 

After a year, he was seen wearing the same headband on the playing ground. This was mostly meant to keep his hair out of the way, pulling it bad and giving it the ‘David Beckham’ style.

Towards the end of his career as a soccer player, David Beckham was seen wearing the headband wobbled down towards his hairline, and guess what happened next? It became the trend!

Sergio Ramos

Soccer Players with Headbands

You must know who Sergio Ramos is- the central defender and Spanish footballer who has given some extraordinary performances in the soccer field including the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final match in South Africa, where Spain and the Netherlands fought for the cup.

His long, sleek hair has been people’s favourite at all times. He started wearing the headband in order to keep the long hair away from his face, and to prevent any sort of distraction during the soccer game. 

Furthermore, Sergio Ramos entered the world of craze for logos with his appearance in the field, wearing the sandy-hued, Nike embroidered headband, which fit extremely well with his Adidas jersey, making him a fashion icon as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who does not know Cristiano Ronaldo if they are a little accustomed to the world of soccer. We will introduce him anyway. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best Portuguese professional footballers. He has been doing an excellent job in his captainship of the Portuguese National Soccer Team.

As one of the best soccer players in the world, Ronaldo has a huge influence on the audience. While you will see Ronaldo with very short hair, there are matches where the player has pulled off amazing performance and extremely stylish looks wearing a headband. 

The player does not experiment much in the game of wearing headbands. Rather, you will usually see Cristiano Ronaldo with his basic, minimalistic black headband.

He uses this more as a gear to control his tough and unsettled hair during a game of soccer. He has been following this for years now. Who would not be encouraged to follow the steps of such a superstar?

Ronaldinho Gaucho

Soccer Players with Headbands

If you have been following soccer for some time now, you will know this Brazilian Portuguese former professional footballer, Ronaldinho. He is now the ambassador for Barcelona. He has been a star player, winning 2 awards as the FIFA World Player of the Year as well as the Ballon d’Or.

This global sports icon has been known for his affinity with headgears- especially a headband in his games. 

 The headband was a must-see in the soccer games of this player. The headband he used to wear was not a thin one like that of most of the aforementioned players.

His was wider, and made of stronger materials. This was mostly meant to control the tousled curls, pulling back the exception, and the fans’ favourite, hair of the player. He is also seen wearing similar headbands or of a slight different style, even during his interviews today.

Lior Refaelov

Soccer Players with Headbands

If anyone has added the trend of matching the headband during the soccer games, with the jersey of the team, it is Lior Refaelov. He is one of the celebrated Israeli professional soccer players, who currently engage in playing for the Royal Antwerp as a winger or the attacking midfielder.

He has been the champion of the Israeli Premium League for three times. Later, he transferred to the Belgian side of the soccer world. 

He has been seen wearing a blue headband, matching the colours of his royal blue jersey stripes. Now that is what you call a real fashionable take on headbands, don’t you? This has inspired many around the world to buy such headbands or customize ones that sync well with the uniform of the soccer teams or the jersey of a league during the soccer games. It does look pretty appealing in the field, right?

Concluding Remarks

Headbands have been sanctioned, debuted, and promoted by several big names in the world of soccer. Even today, many young players wear the gear, not only as a fashion symbol but also as a functional accessory, pulling the thick or messy hair back, clearing the view for the players during the game.

Who likes a distraction, right? You will find headbands with the names after the aforementioned stars due to the public demand. There are a wide range of headbands available, and depending on which player’s steps you want to follow, you can choose your best fit.

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