Soccer Ball Size for Age-4

The need and purpose of soccer balls are different based on the use and purpose of the ball. Make sure to buy the right size as it concerns your usage and when it comes to children, it needs extra effort to find the ideal one.

Importance of Choosing Right Size and Weight

Choosing the right size and weight on a soccer ball for your 4 years is necessary for their smooth gaming delight without worrying about injury and physical straining. 

There is a lot of range of options to choose from but the size is necessary because a four-year-old might not be a pro to deal with adult soccer balls. As the soccer ball sizes also decide the weight for the age that usual ages of people can easily carry on. 

Therefore, picking the ideal size balls for soccer according to age is vital as it concerns comfort and safety at the same time. 

Young kids are very fond of playing in comfort. It becomes easy for them to play with confidence when they find comfortable size soccer balls that do not need a lot of strength to play with.

So, a ball that is lightweight and proportionate in size of their feet is easy to control and kick while they practice. If a ball is too big or tiny, they do not improve while training on foot skills and have no fun playing.

As kids have a body small structure, in feet they often fall in a confusion oversize and comfort, while adults can easily choose the size-5 or 4 as their comfortable target.

So help them as an adult by picking the ideal size of two or three with a lightweight material that helps their development. Kids find it difficult to develop control in touch, foot techniques, and ball skills if the ball bigger or smaller than the child’s age group. That is why as coaches or parents you need to make sure they are playing and practicing with the appropriate sized ball.

There are few things you need to consider while buying the perfect size of a soccer ball for a 4-years old kid. 

  • Compatibility

A 4-year old will always prefer a soccer ball compatible with his or her feet size rather than an oversized ball for a pleasing gaming experience. As a kid, he or she might have a body structure that is very small for outdoor soccer playing, so they will always like the size of a ball they can easily manipulate and move at an ease.

A small size soccer ball that gives them easy access to run with makes them less tired and they can play for a longer time with thrill.

  • Safety

One of the main concerns of buying the right size of a soccer ball for the kids are proper sizing in their ball is necessary for safety purposes. Kids have a small physique and foot size that makes them vulnerable to strenuous pressure and hit.

Besides, their tiny legs can get bruises if the ball size is not proportionate to their feet size. If a 4-years hits on a size-5 ball, it might take all his strength and still not give him the pleasure he deserves from soccer play.

On the other hand, it will hurt his toes for kicking such adult size balls. Therefore buying the proper size of the ball that would hurt his muscle and tendons is necessary

  • Training

Size 1 balls are usually used for training purposes for and for children of age 8 to 4, as these balls are easy to handle and small in size. Juniors use them for developing their foot skills and recreational play.

Adults also use these for training purposes. Children keep them as souvenirs and carry them around in their sport-kit bags for a mini size.

  • Growth Help

Children are often encouraged to play soccer as it helps them build their body muscle and footwork for running behind the ball and kicking them with available strength.

The stretching they get from playing soccer helps them with their body growth. Size-2 balls are ideal for age-4 year kids to do this kind of practice.  

  • Comfort

Size-2 and size-3 soccer balls are ideal for kids of age 8 to junior. Soccer balls of these sizes are usually made with a soft PU leather casing that is soft in construction.

Therefore, these ball sizes and materials are significantly more touch responsive and easy to control for kids. They can easily feel the sensation of the ball while kicking them without hurting their legs. Thus, comfort is a necessary preference for choosing soccer balls for age-4.

  • League or Competition Drills

There is a difference between match balls and training balls. Some kids start practicing in junior competitions from the age of 3 to 4. Therefore, they need preferable sizes, specifications, and regulations of match balls according to their age.

As a kid, they might not know what to buy so we are here to assist you in picking the proper one for the kid. Leagues and competitions for juniors have different criteria for soccer balls you can buy the advised one within an affordable price range in size-2 and 3 sizes.

Preferable Size

Usually size-2 soccer balls are appropriate for kids of 4-5 years old and size-3 is considered ideal for children of all ages to play outdoor and indoor soccer. We are giving a chart description for size-1, size-2, and size-3 size balls for a child of 4 years old. 

Size 1

Ages: 3 and under

Size: 18 – 20 inches (circumference)

Weight: 195 – 205 grams

Size-1 soccer balls are ideal for children of age 3 and under. These sizes of balls are very small. Children can easily use these as indoor playing experiences and have fun during rainy days. Because of its tiny size, they find it amusing to kick on and it can be helpful for training purposes.

Size 2

Ages: 3 – 5 years old

Size: 20 – 22 inches (circumference)

Weight: 250-280 grams

These are the best size soccer ball for age-4 kids and their gaming experience. In junior league soccer, they often use size-2 soccer balls for training kids. They can feel the kick sensation without worrying about its stiffness and perfect as these are made considering the age of 3 to 5 years old.

Size 3

Ages: 5 – 8 years old

Size: 23 – 24 inches (circumference)

Weight: 300 – 320 grams

Size 3 balls are normally balls are for matches made for kids of age around 4 to 8. Even though they are indicated for age 5 to 8. For match balls, they are ideal for kids of age 4. Usually, coaches use the size 3 balls with soft construction, to train the juniors for matches as they are a bit heavier which makes them confident and smooth by soft learning. 

Right Ball for Boys and Girls: (300)

Kids of age four have small feet and they need small-sized soccer balls that do not hurt their toes while kicking the ball. Kicking the ball and controlling them helps the kids develop their sport activity and enhance their footwork. Soccer ball sizes preferable for boys and girls of age 4 are the same. Soccer balls that have soft leather construction and size-2 are ideal for girls as they are more prone to injuries. However, for training, both boys and girls use the same size, which is usually of size-3.

Best Soccer Balls for 4years Old

Kids are fond of the colorful and interactive designs in their soccer balls. They like things that have attractive designs with comfortable features.

Considering these things in mind, we have suggested few soccer balls in sizes 2 and 3 in this article, that have the best features, such as durable construction, soft leather built for comfortable training, interactive indoor playing feature, water resistance, and great look.

Wisdom Leaves Mini Soccer Ball: Click Here


  • Great construction and stitching with 
  • waterproof technology
  • High-strength butyl bladder with air-tightness

Franklin Sports Soccer Balls: Click Here


  • High-Quality softcover with foam cushioning.
  • PVC built with water resistance
  • Supreme quality bladder and durable 

EVERICH TOY Toddler Soccer Balls: Click Here


  • Comes with a pumper and needle
  • Attractive color & design
  • Easy inflation & deflation

Move2Play Pink Unicorn Soccer Ball: Click Here


  • Soft fabric built for indoor play
  • Interactive musical response on kick and drop
  • Attractive design for kids


Picking the ideal soccer ball size for kids of age-4 seems a bit complex. As their feet size is quite small for controlling, the ball in indoor or outdoor experiences. A 4-year-old player should use a size-2 or size-3 ball. For regular practice, a size-2 soccer ball comes in a more preferable size.

However, for tournaments choosing the size-3 is ideal as these sizes have appropriate weight and great built for competition use for kids. Nevertheless, both of these sizes are safe for age-4 kids to play without injury.

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