How to do Soccer Tricks

Regardless of what stage of the game of soccer you are in, whether you are simply playing with your friends in your community ground, or you are playing at a professional level, knowing a few tricks and implementing them in the game, can surely get you ahead of the players around you. 

Have you always dreamt of showing of your skills as a soccer player through different tricks but never know how to do them? We have compiled this guide to help you in the process.

It will not give you an upper hand in the soccer game but will also help you impress your team and the crowd watching you. You can also beat the defending opponent with a good move, catching them off-balance and dribbling the ball away from them in the open space. You must also ensure that you are doing these tricks effectively.

The Basic Juggle

How to do Soccer Tricks

This one is a simple, yet pretty effective trick for soccer players. However, in order to follow the trick effectively, you need to walk step by step. First, you have to lift the ball on the foot.

Next, you have to use this foot to juggle the ball. What do we mean by juggling the ball? Well, you must have seen clowns juggling balls with their hands right? This is similar but slightly less intense. It refers to slightly kicking the ball into the air and not allowing it to fall to the ground when it comes back.

Of course you will find a number of ways this juggling can be done. To start with, it is wise to just focus on the normal juggling method- you simply have to keep lifting the ball using the front part of the feet for quite a few times.

You can then go on to making it one step harder by switching this juggle between the feet, moving the ball from one foot to another. Try to make this more difficult by attempting to lift the ball using the inner heel, followed by the outer heel. 

Are you looking for additional challenges. You can then go on to doing this same lifting using your chest and the head. What is important is that your eye stays on the ball and that you keep a proper balance on one leg while juggling with the other. This trick is necessary to help you improve the touch on the ball, as well as your control over it.

The Foot Stall

The Foot Stall is another trick which suits the beginner soccer players. You must have also seen several players pulling this trick on the television. But what does the trick do? Well, you are able to balance the ball, toss it around, ensure the catching of the ball using the same or the different foot using this trick.

How to execute it? Well, first you must be standing with one leg in the air, the ball on the top of the foot. You then move on to toss the ball. In order to catch the ball, you then have to cup your foot by moving the ankle towards the front and then engage. 

This trick helps to improve the balance in the game as well as maintain control on the ball. A variation to this trick is known as the head stall. Hereby, you must balance the ball on top of your head, toss it upwards softly and then go on towards catching it. Finally, you must balance it on the head. However, you need to practice a lot before you can master it.

Around the World

How to do Soccer Tricks

This trick starts with the player beginning with balancing the soccer ball on the front part of the foot. Then, you have to go on to tossing the ball in the air. During this time, you have to move the foot around the soccer ball (thereby denoting the world) either in the direction of the clock or counter clockwise. 

After the leg has travelled around the world (the ball), you can again balance the ball in the initial position. It is true though that the act of balancing the ball will be a bit hard after you have tossed it up and moving the foot around the ball as well. Hence, the easy method in this regard will be to pass it on to the player next to you. 

You can try to make this trick even one step harder by repeating the trick twice and moving around the ball with both feet. It will work on improving the balance, your ability to stay alert as well as the control over the ball.

The Rainbow

How to do Soccer Tricks

Given that you are right-footed, you can hold the ball in between the left and the right leg. In this situation, the left leg is positioned slightly towards the front. The right leg stays behind.

The left foot is placed in a way that it faces the forward direction, while the right points sideways. Next, using the right foot, you are able to take the ball back to the heel. Then you will be able to kick it using the back of the heel. In an ideal situation, the ball must fall in front of the player at the edge of the path.

The Rabona

How to do Soccer Tricks

This trick has been in practice by several soccer players for over 50 years now. It enables the player to make use of their stronger foot, though that is not the main position to exercise it.

The player needs to cross one of the feet behind the other, moving on to kick the ball with the foot which is stronger. You can really surprise the opponent players and give rise to the chance for your team which would otherwise not be there.

There are a few steps that you must follow in other to complete this trick. First, you need to set yourself in the correct position. You should try to begin at a 90 degree angle to the ball in order to get yourself up to speed for the next step. 

Next, you must place the standing foot beside the ball and bring the working foot towards the back of this leg. The standing foot has to be positioned next to the ball with the toes being pointed in the direction you want to kick the ball in.

As soon as you have planted the foot, you can bring the kicking foot to the back of the standing leg, lifting it up in order to get maximum power to kick. The right angle will allow you to generate good amount of power from the swing.

In the final stage, you finally attempt to kick the ball. When you bring the foot behind the leg to get into contact with the ball, you should target to hit the ball from off the center towards the outside of the foot.

Furthermore, the aim should be hitting the lower half of the soccer ball in order to provide some height to the ball.

Inside Rollover

This is a very easy and important skill which you can use to keep the ball moving and also to maintain control. Instead of potentially trying to kick the ball too much forward because that would risk the all going to the opponent team.

You need to make sure the ball is close to you, just the place where it should be. You should also try to keep the ball moving, protecting it from the defending player. 

Firstly, you need to ensure that ball keeps moving. If the ball is not moving, you are not following the trick properly. Next, when the ball keeps rolling, you should allow your foot’s bottom to go over the top of the ball.

When the ball is on the ground and your foot is positioned next to the ball, you should try to touch the ball’s top using the sole of the foot, right below your toes and take the ball in the direction you want it to go. 

This is not a very difficult trick to follow, nor a complicated skill to acquire. It can also be done quite a few times back to back.

Concluding Remarks

Now you are aware of the different tricks of the game of soccer that you can follow and implement according to the need of the hour and your comfort. Using the mentioned tricks, you are also able to improve the balance in the game, your ability to stay attentive and alert about what is going on with the ball and boost your control on the ball.

Furthermore, you can also show off your skills and impress the crowd with the tricks during the game. You can also, of course, improvise and get even better in handling the ball and bringing you’re a-game.

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