Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls Review

Playing soccer ignites the passion to ace it. All around the world, soccer is a sport that is played and watched by millions of people. This game just like any other sports requires a lot of practice and diligence. What is necessary to enhance your soccer playing skills and performance? The ultimate answer for is the Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls.

To practice consistently and comfortably, one needs a soccer ball that is reliable and consists of all the significant features. After that, comes the factor of durability and additional features like attractive design, latest technology design, and some more. 

Therefore, a ball that checks all the factors has to be the best available in the market. Among them, Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls are surely an incredible choice.

Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls:

At a Glance

To advance your soccer playing skills, this soccer ball is a remarkable accessory for all types of players. Be it beginner or professional players, this ball meets the standard of being the best that ensures the highest performance and great quality.  

Now let us dive into the details and explained aspects of the  Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls and figure out it to be the best among its competitor balls in the market!

Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls Review

Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls Review

Now to explore the best one for purchasing one for yourself, read our detailed review on it!

About the Product:

The Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls are truly exceptionally manufactured soccer balls. They are machine stitched with well-constructed for consistent playing. This soccer ball in particular is innovative with the latest design and constructed with maximum quality material. 

This soccer ball is an incredible choice because it meets up to the level of the professional level balls even after being so affordable. So you get to play with this commendable soccer ball with advanced features without exceeding your budget. 

It is designed with a new innovative design that maximizes its performance. This ball is comparatively lightweight and the diameter of ball 8.3 inches. This makes the ball easy to grip and play with.

Even children and young adults can begin their love for soccer through playing with this. As it is not heavy and is constructed by maintaining an accurate balance, you can play with it for a long time without having the chance of it wearing off.

Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls: Product Design and Quality

Soccer balls are the main asset of soccer players. So if you have to buy it often due to it not lasting long, it is a hassle. With the soccer ball from Bend-it, you do not have to worry about refilling it with air often or having to buy other balls.

As the premium materials used in its making, this soccer ball is a dependable ball for a long time. It is highly durable because it is stitched by automatic machines without any faulty design and for the synthetic material. 

The soccer balls of Bend-It Flicker Match are remarkable due to their VPM (Valve Position Marker) designed feature. This marker is considered a high-standard construction design. The valve of the ball maximized the power of kicking and enabled the players to kick great shots.

This feature is particularly significant for scoring a goal during penalties or corners as the valve is the hardest part of the ball so the player can kick it with the optimal force for doing a goal.   

It is constructed with precise measurements that maintain balance while playing with. The PU texture in the cover and the synthetic material adds to the durability and better-defined construction of the ball. All types of techniques like dribbling, kicking, passing, gliding and other techniques can be played with this innovatively designed ball.

Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls: Outlook

The highlight feature of this ball is the incredible artwork graphics. This eye-catching design not only makes the ball appear attractive and visible but also it helps the players have a clear vision while playing.

The vibrant dark yellow and black color makes the ball notable even when the ball is being thrown or kicked among many members. Thus high-visibility features are the most important aspect when playing in nighttime or dark places. The experience of playing will get better with this attractive defined soccer ball. 

Product Features:

  • The black and yellow color design makes it incredible to play in the dark 
  • Made with 100% TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane ) for elasticity 
  • Superior synthetic leather of high-quality cover and liner
  • Graphics designed artwork for keeping focus while playing and throwing
  • It is crafted after machine stitching for better manufacturing quality
  • PU texture in the cover 
  • Supreme quality material ensuring higher durability of the ball


  • High-visibility due to daylight saver feature for dark places to play in 
  • Refined outer design with attractive logo and vibrant color
  • Premium quality synthetic leather of cover for easy grip
  • Comparably lightweight for regular play and constant practice
  • Well-crafted bladder system with PU texture
  • Machine sewed for better quality 
  • The durability of the soccer is for long period due to its good construction 


  • It is comparatively expensive than other regular soccer  balls

Our Verdict

The Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls are the ideal ball for soccer matches, tournaments, and regular practices. You will not have to worry about purchasing any new one once you start playing with this ball. You can consistently play with this and enhance your skills and performance in soccer. 

Moreover, this soccer ball can be a great addition to your collection due to its unique construction and attractive graphic design.

Bottom Line

To end with the note that the Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls are successful at being well constructed durable balls. All its features make it an excellent choice for all levels of players. This ball has truly exceeded the level of any other standard soccer balls so purchasing this one can be your winning choice. 

We hope this detailed article will help you make your choice in selecting the Bend-It Flicker Match Soccer Balls so that you can become an ace player yourself.

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