Are Compression Socks Good?

Are Compression Socks Good?
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Compression socks are particularly made socks that squeeze our legs gently. The prime objective of wearing this socks is pretty obvious-compressing muscles around the leg. However, there is a lot more to this socks. From the benefits of wearing these to their age appropriation, there are a lot of queries about it. Answers to these questions will decide, “Are Compression Socks Good?”

A survey says, nearly 90% of the leg problem arises from veins. The venous insufficiency creates blood retention which leads to further complications. Due to this, blood is hindered to flow to the heart. This may cause other problems besides leg disorders. Doctors and professionals suggest that wearing these socks can be a good treatment for this problem. 

Compression socks aren’t good, they are great. They are an accessible product that can really treat a wide range of leg problems.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks, also known as compression stockings are socks of different lengths which hold our ankle and calf muscles tightly. These socks are worn to have better blood circulation in our bodies. 

These socks are available in different sizes and colors. Most athletes, runners wear these; however, general people are also suggested to wear these socks under certain health conditions. These socks don’t play any role in a better performance mechanism in sports. However, wearing it can help flow oxygen-enriched blood in muscles.

Types of compression socks

There are two types of compression socks. They are graduated and anti-embolism stockings. Graduated compression socks are the ones used by people mostly. The characteristic of this one is, it compresses around the ankle tightly but reduces the pressure towards the calf. That is, the compression of the socks reduces as it moves upward. These are thigh-length and knee-length but the latter is more popular with athletes. 

On the other hand, anti-embolism compression stockings are for a specific purpose. If some undergo surgery or have any medical cause, only then they are recommended to wear these. Patients who are bedridden or are prescribed complete bed rest usually wear anti-embolism compression stockings as these allowing maximum blood circulations by the exterior compression. It also prevents blood clotting for people who have limited movement. In short, anti-embolism stockings are used for medical issues.

What do they do?

Compression socks help blood vessels perform better. The parties which transport oxygen-enriched blood can relax. This ensures proper blood flow in our muscles. As a result, blood pumps back to the heart easily. If compressions socks are worn, probability of you getting Deep Veins thrombosis reduces. 

Compression stockings can prevent legs from being tired or going through pain. Often, people complain about feeling dizzy after standing up, this can also be cured by wearing compression socks.

Are these good for health?

Compression socks are proven to work. They really aid with the venous problems in particular. By providing pressure to our tissues, it creates compression on our muscles. This prevents unnecessary leakage of fluid from our blood capillaries. Besides, the pressure results in the tissues absorbing all the fluid. Capillaries and lymphatic vessels take part in this process. 

As a result, the inflammation of muscles or soreness reduces to an extent. Usage of compression socks prevents further swelling too.

Benefits of compression socks

There are endless benefits of these socks. The main objective of compression socks is mentioned above besides their types. Now, the question arises how good are they for our overall health?

To answer that, you can go through the list as follow:

  • Results in better blood circulation.
  • Reduces the expansion of superficial veins
  • Doesn’t allow blood to flow back
  • Prevents leakage of tissue fluid
  • Prevents blood clotting
  • Prevent valves and veins damages
  • Treats venous insufficiency
  • Keeps the leg dry and warm
  • Protects skin from injury
  • Benefits pregnant women
  • Treat varicose veins

With all the benefits mentioned, there are some more uses of the socks. These might not be directly beneficial to health but the practice of wearing the socks can keep you away from long-term problems.

If you have to sit or stand for long hours, it is recommended to wear the socks. This keeps blood flowing in the stream also prevents muscle spasm. If you have noticed any discomfort or swelling in your legs due to prolonged sitting or standing, compressions socks are for you. Besides increasing your physical movement, compression socks can be a cure for your uneasiness. 

Side effects of compression socks

With all the benefits mentioned above, you must want to rush to the store and buy one. But we also should keep in mind that these are garments we are wearing. We must be careful of any side effects.

We should remember that, if these socks are worn inappropriately, it may cause certain problems. If the pressure of the compression socks is not distributed evenly on the ankle, it may cause skin damage. Besides, the excess pressure is harmful and sensitive to elderly people.

How to wear it?

Compression socks don’t come with a covered portion for the feet. It is a tube-like garment for our legs only. After putting it on your legs, make sure to flatten it and even out the pressure. Avoid creating fold-ups, if you don’t you shall end up exerting too much pressure on a certain area. This can lead to skin breaking, tearing of ligaments, etc. 

You can consult with a doctor if you have any certain health issues.

Bottom line

Compression socks are underutilized footwear. This can benefit our blood flow, treat venous insufficiency and primary staged leg disorders. The blood pooling can result in blood clotting and other difficulties. These socks are a good solution to these. These socks are easy to wear but the benefits it provides are uncountable. More people should use them for a better being.

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